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FileMaker Script workspace is getting a search + go to line function

Thanks to Christian Schmitz of MBS plugins (and my great ideas) the FileMaker Workspace is getting a seach function and a go to line function!

Just install the MBS plugin (at least version and you'll see two new input fields and a button:


To jump to a specific line just type a number in the Go To field and press return

To find a specific word or phrase in the script, just enter your search word in the MBS Search field and scroll until you see yellow highlighted lines

To copy the script text to the clipboard just press the [copy script] button

With fmSyntaxColorizer you can also define your own script colors and turn on variable checking, to find those pesky undefined variables. (fmSyntaxColorizer will be appearing shortly with improved functionality for fm14.)

happier-than-ever FileMaking!


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