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fmPluginMate - FileMaker Plugin Installation is JUST a drag! :-)

Until now FileMaker plugin installation has been SUCH A DRAG :-( ...

...discovering what version you already have

...all those hidden extensions folders

...restarting FileMaker

…etc, etc. 

But now, with fmPluginMate...

...FileMaker plugin installation is




Plugin installation has never been easier!


...and to discover what Plugins you already have installed, you have to do no more than LOOK + SEE

...and to get to those pesky Extension folders, you have to no more than CLICK.

fmPluginMate is just ONE of the FREE tools in the fmWorkMate toolbox, but because it is just soooo handy, it's also available as an extra download on the downloads page.

Happy Dragging!


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