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fmWorkMate Debut pauseOnError Berlin 2013

The pauseOnError Unconference Berlin 2013

Is it a conference? Is it a seminar? No! It's an unconference!

"PauseOnError is a gathering of software developers and consultants who use FileMaker.

This is a SELF-ORGANIZING effort; content is created by the attendees.

POE is FREE as in zero, zip, nada. Though, donations are encouraged."

What's that? Well, according to the Pause[X] website it is a

"Community based pause; local developers unconference"

Think "local", however, in a global context! We're not talking here about Berlin and suburbs, rather an international gathering of like-minded and keen FileMaker developers. 

The attendees list boasts a magnificent "catchment" geographically spanning not only the European continent: local-to-Berlin (and above all and with thanks to Berlin-based organiser Herr Friedrich), German, British, Belgian, Danish, Swededish, Czech, Italian, Swiss, Spanish, French, Dutch, Finiish, Austrian and Leichtensteinish (really very sorry, but I have no idea what the national adjective is for Leichtenstein) but also one or two global players, for example Bruce Robertson of Concise Design all the way from USA*!

In other words:

This is just the place for fmWorkMate (beta) to make it's debut


Checkout the" target="_blank">Thursday afternoon sessions! or the" target="_blank">Introduction to fmCheckMate



I wish everybody a very succesful unconference - the counttown is rolling!


* Respect to you sir! - Oh, and by the way, I can recommend the "Weizenbier", "Currywürst und pommes rot/weiß",  Bus number 100, the Berlin Zoo, the Reichstag, and, of course, Berlinerinnen (the latter are so good I married one)!**

** This is not quite true, in fact she was a Sauerländerin, whom I met in Berlin.

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