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Line Numbers in FileMaker Scripts! Your dreams come true in a single click

OMG! Monkeybread Software have done it again and taken our breath right away.

The new MBS-Plugin version 3.5 brings not just beautiful - and meaningful - colors into your FileMaker development....but now also shows LINE NUMBERS in your scripts!


FileMaker developers have been screaming for this for years!!! Thank you MBS-Plugin, you make our dreams come true!

You have to see it to believe it - it's not just a mock-up - and it's FREE!


 And with fmSyntaxColorizer your dreams are only ONE CLICK AWAY!

 Just 4 steps away:

first make sure you've got the newest MBS-Plugin version 3.5 from Monkeybread Software,

download and install the latest version of fmSyntaxColorizer from the Downloads page,

open fmSyntaxColorizer and

=> Click Colorize! <=


Enjoy your FileMaker development - like never before!


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