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A picture is worth a thousand words.

A single word is worth more than a thousand nothings.

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This formula sends an email directly to my inbox.

I am ALWAYS delighted to receive messages from you (you'd be AMAZED how little feedback I've got over the years!)

However, be warned, as I only do this stuff in my spare time, it sometimes takes a while for me to get round to answering.

So, if you need a quick answer, you may need get a friend of a friend who knows me to ping me ;-)

Maybe it's time I started some kind of community forum thing?




Russell Watson

Wilhelm-Münker-Strasse 26

59821 Arnsberg

Email: russell[AT]   

* Impressum? Impress 'em? ...What?

I do try to impress.

But in Germany websites are required to state the legal ownership of the website.

And that is called the 'Impressum'

More about the word Impressum on Wikipedia.

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