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Getting Started with fmWorkMate

After installing fmWorkMate (and the fmCheckMate-XSLT-Library) there is virtually nothing to set up.

Define the path to your FileMaker App

1. Go to the settings page by clicking the little ⓘ button at the bottom of the fmWorkMate window.

2. On the Settings page change the path to your FileMaker app.

This path is used to open tools in FileMaker that need direct access to it (for example fmSyntaxColorizer, fmPluginMate, fmKillDefaultFields).

(optional step) Allow fmWorkMate to bring FileMaker to the front

If you use fmWorkMate a lot, you can save yourself an extra step by allowing fmWorkMate to use AppleScripting to refocus FileMaker.

This requires you to enable the fmWorkMate runtime in the System Settings > Security & Privacy dialog.

Note: This feature needs re-working in order to get around the latest security policies in macOS Catalina.

1. Turn on the Autofocus FileMaker option in fmWorkMate (and in the fmCheckMate > Settings > Advanced Settings)

2. Go to the Mac Apple menu > System Settings > Security & Privacy dialog

3. Allow the fmWorkMate Runtime to control your computer.

Version 10.13.6 - macOS High Sierra

Note: It's a bit different on Catalina - infos are coming.

Setting up fmWokMate's sepearate Tools

Some of the tools need a little set up … and some of the tools are setup-tools themselves :D

Hot tip: CMD+9 (ctrl+9) is the standard shortcut for the tool Setup

Setting up fmSysntaxColorizer

So you want to brighten up your life nd turn on enhanced Script colors?

Just follow the instructions here

Setting up fmCheckMate

fmCheckMate has several modes of operation. The default mode (Edit in fmWorkMate's small XML editor) is probably suitable for your needs, however, you may wish to change to the big editor, an external editor or convert+transfer mode, if you are moving code between computers.

Click CMD+9 (ctrl+9) or click the setup ⓘ button to choose the mode of operation.

(After that another CMD+9 takes you to the advanced setup)

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