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[A FileMaker Developer Environment]

It has been a whirlwind few months, since being invited to the fmguru conference this year.

Coming at a timely moment, when my next tool, fmIDE, was just in the incubation stage, my brain has just not stopped whirring 🤯 -  and an unbelievable new tool is about to be born - at the fmguru Rome FileMaker Week! (IT)

Watch out for me Sat 8. Oct. 2022 9:00 a.m.

Just name

that Thing!

Link deep and link hard easy!

It has never been so easy to edit that thing in your database - just name it - and fmIDE takes you there. 🚀

fmIDE magical URIcorn

You'll not believe this! Just create an easy-peasy Thingamajig URI, maybe like this:


and the `✨magical✨ URIcorn 🦄` will whisk you there with a swish of it's magic horn!

 And that's all without mentioning anything about fmAutoMate, fmAutoMate Services, fmIDE Actions or the bizarrely useful fmIDE Cheatsheet !

You're welcome!


New website, new blog

9th June 2021

My website has recently been moved from to vistaprint.

You have probably noticed that it is suffering teething troubles.

Please be patient - I'm working on it as often as I can!

If you need something drop me a line to russell[AT]

Old blog

9th June 2021

You can reach the old blog here

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