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Multiplies your code + your productivity

fmTextMultiplier multiplies your FileMaker objects by doing a multiple search, duplicate & replace.

For example:

Create the first field of your new calendar picker:

"Day 1 Global"

Copy it and paste it into fmTextMultiplier (using CMD+ALT+V to convert it to XML)

Type the list of fields you want into the ReplaceValues field, for example:

Day 1 Global

Day 2 Global


Day 42 Global

(or just get fmTextSeries to create the list for you)

=> fmTextMultiplier already enters the first line into the search field,

and asks you if you do not want to duplicate the first item.

We don't, so we press the button.

Then [Multiply]

Then [->FM]

...and then we paste the remaining 41 fields into FileMaker

...and we have created 42 (ERROR FREE!) fields in a fraction of the normal development time.


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