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fmCheckMate XSLT Library

Transforms your FileMaker work

Download the fmCheckMate XSLT library to your documents folder.

Press the [T]ransform button in fmCheckMate

Transform your FileMaker work

Close your mouth

[T] is for Transform

With fmCheckMate XSL Transformations you can Analyse, Change and Transform your code.

Analyse functions analyse objects and return a structured or simple text result.

Change functions change the contents of an object without changing the kind of object.

Transform functions transform objects into a completely different kind of object.


○   layout objects to find dozens of different errors,

○   custom functions to find out which are commented out

○   scripts or steps and 'print' them - simply like in the script workspace or verbose like a printed PDF

○   script calls

○   field names, definitions or internal IDs

○   fields to find which have validation, or a serial number, or a filter…

…and many more!

Structured Result

Text Result - Tabulated text

Text Result - HTML / SVG

Text Result - Text lines

Text Result - Character Statistics

And - one sunny day - Graph Output


  • Replace Field Contents steps by converting them into a more efficient Loop with Set Field steps
  • old If … Else … If … hierarchies by replacing them with much more readable flat Else If … Else If structures.
  • a perform find script step by 'exploding' the stored find requests so you can see them - or vice versa.
  • scripts by adding logging / benchmarking code after each script step using the "insert first step after each step" XSLT function
  • fields when copying fields between tables:
  • - select only the data fields, or
  • - remove or add global storage, or
  • - remove all 'dead wood' calculations lurking in the background

…and many more!


  • Tables and create an update script
  • Fields into script steps to initialise them
  • Layout Objects into script steps by extracting button or script trigger steps
  • Layout Fields into the equivalent Go to Field script steps

Paste Pseudo-Code

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Together with fmAutoMate paste pseudo-code into FileMaker with a click!

  1. Download and Install the fmCheckMate-XSLT library, fmAutoMate (and of-course the MBS-Plugin)
  2. Open fmAutoMate and press [fmAutoMate]
  3. Copy the above pseudo code
  4. Create an empty script
  5. Right click in the script step area
  6. Select Clipboard Paste > Paste Pseudo-Script

Custom fmCheckMate XSLT Libraries

fmCheckMate supports any number of fmCheckMate libraries in the documents folder,

so you can download any library that people publish,

or even build your own!

Coming soon!

Build Your Own XSLT Library

Writing XSLT is not everybody's cup of tea, so we are trying to make it as easy as possible for you!


1. Rename the "fmCheckMate.YOUR NAME HERE" folder (with a unique name or domain), then

2. Reimport the XSLTs in the XSLT Chooser

and you are ready to go!

fmCheckMate XSLT Libraries - Free


(soon to be)

Open Source

The fmCheckMate XSLT library will be appearing soon as an open source library available on Github.

The aim is to harness the ideas and efforts of all FileMaker Developers who care to help improve this resource for all of us.

Watch this space for more

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