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fmWorkMate, Makes FileMaker work

Website teething problems still. Downloads mostly now on GitHubContact me if you have needs or questions!


See what you mean!


[fmSyntaxColorizer] is one of the most time saving tools I use, [....]

Work with the colors on a day or two, and you will almost not be able to live without [it]....

... I encourage you engineers to take a look at this and try for yourself. It is really great.

Claus Lavendt


Do you want this?

or THIS?

○   See errors & undefined vars in your code

○   Catch undesired or interactive code

○   Markup your comments

○   Now supports dark mode

○   Extra new palette for dark mode

fmSyntaxColorizer gives your code meaning.

Add color and depth to your life.

Check out fmSyntaxColorizer on GitHub

Now open source.