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Installing fmWorkMate

How to install fmWorkMate Bundle on a Mac

  1. Download and install fmWorkMate from GitHub
  2. Download and install fmCheckMate-XSLT library from GitHub

Since fmWorkMate went open source the download bundle no longer exists. Please install the separate elements, as described above.

1. Download the fmWorkMate Bundle dmg from the downloads page.

2. Double click the dmg file to open / mount it:

3. Important - fmWorkMate does not have a programmatic update process. That means:

    - If you have any data you want to keep you must first export the data to the desktop

    - For example, you may want to save conversion and multiplications in fmTextConverter, fmTextMultiplier

4. Drag the fmWorkMate folder to your Applications folder

    - You may copy it anywhere you want, for example also into your documents folder.

5. Drag the fmCheckMate XSLT libraries to your Documents folder

6. Switch to your Applications folder > fmWorkMate folder and start the fmWorkMate app

7. If you are updating, don't forget to reimport your data

How to install fmWorkMate on Windows

1. Download the fmWorkMate window zip file from the downloads page.

    - Note: You have to scroll down the page a bit to the old version, as there is no new version for Windows 


2. Unpack the zip and move the fmWokMate folder to your Programmes folder - or wherever you want.

    - Important: Please read the important note above (in the Mac section) about exporting/Importing data

Note: On Windows you have to download the fmCheckMate XSLT Library files separately:

3. Download the necessary files from the downloads page.

4. Copy the fmCheckMate folder(s) to your Documents folder.

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