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Make pasting a snippet a snip

A tiny tool for temporarily queuing clipboard snippets.

Very often, when you are copying functionality around - or between - your FileMaker files you need to copy several bits and pieces ... maybe a custom function and a script ... and with only one clipboard you have to keep going back and forth between your source file and destination file(s) ...

fmPasteMate makes that much easier!

1. Paste your objects into fmPasteMate                                                    

(using CMD+ALT+V to convert the code to XML)                             

2. Sort the list                                                                                            

3. Copy the first item                                                                                 

(using CMD+ALT+C to convert the XML back to FileMaker objects)

=> It gets moved to the bottom of the list automatically                  

4. Switch to FileMaker and paste it in                                                      

5. Copy the first item again (which is, of course, the next item)              

6. ...and repeat                                                                                        

You can also paste a block of text line by line

by splitting it into one-entry per line.

Just press the [VV] button

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