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If you are not sure where to start, try simply kicking off with the fmWorkMate Overview.

If you have not yet read the blog, you may also find some useful hints there too.

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Overview of fmWorkMate

A short presentation (fp7) to show clearly how the various fmWorkMate tools can be used together. 

(On a Mac you can select automatic play to have your Mac read you the presentation for you).

If you have no FM11, just convert it to fmp12 by opening it in your FileMaker.

Note: Being from 2013 the presentation is somewhat outdated - but definitely still relevant. It is also somewhat large.


Developer Tools

fmCheckMate Help


fmSyntaxColorizer Help

Tips how to use fmSyntaxColorizer

Text Tools






Clipboard Utilities

fmPasteMate Help




Deployment Tools


fmPluginMate Help


fmPluginMate(.fmp12) can only install ONE plugin at a time using drag + drop

If you wish to store a number of plugins, either:

  • drag them one after another to install & initialize them, or
  • click to open the extensions folder and then drag them to the folder. After this you need to restart FileMaker in order to initialize the plugins.

Simple Calculator Help



I hope - one day - to bring the tool and documentation towards the left side of the following scale: