fmWorkMate, Makes FileMaker work


Free and BETA


Hello fellow FileMaker database developers!

all the software here is FREE! ... (and getting BETA and BETA ;-) ), so...

JUST TAKE IT AS IT IS! ... and in return … help me make it BETTER for all of us!

Thanks + Enjoy!


fmWorkMate Bundle Mac dmg

All you need to get started on a mac.


  • fmWorkMate (+Tools)
  • fmCheckMate XSLT-Library
  • FileMakerDoc XSLT-Library (under construction)
  • Template fmCheckMate folder
System Requirements:

  • Mac OSX 10.11 or newer

IMPORTANT - Currently, during beta testing, ONLY THE ABOVE download is correctly code-signed

Individual files


(old) Windows Version

(old) Mac Version



Makes FileMaker work

fmWorkMate is the power toolbox for FileMaker developers.

Installation: Download and unzip to your Applications - or Program - folder.

Quick-Start: Open fmWorkmate and pin it to your Dock / Taskbar for everyday use.

To use fmWorkMate to analyse, change and transform your code: Download the fmCheckMate XSLT library below!

To use fmWorkMate to deploy your code to a remote machine: Simply:

  1. Install fmWorkMate on both local and remote computers
  2. Set fmCheckMate on both computers to "convert" mode (Settings wizard -> Convert)

You can then deploy code in four simple steps

  1. In the local FileMaker copy code 
  2. In the local  fmCheckMate click convert
  3. In the remote fmCheckMate click convert
  4. In the remoteFileMaker paste code

    fmCheckMate XSLT Library

    Transforms your FileMaker work

    Use the fmCheckMate XSLT Library to analyse, change and transform your FileMaker work - LITERALLY!

    Installation: Download the fmCheckMate XSLT Library ZIP file from Github, and unzip to your documents folder.

    Quick-Start: Start fmWorkmate, open fmCheckMate, convert your FileMaker objects to XML + press the T button.

    Warnings: SOME of the XSLT Transformations are very much in development. There may still be some issues - particularly for Windows users (e.g. with line endings)!

    >>> Please send me your feedback! <<<




    See what you mean!

    fmSyntaxColorizer is no longer provided as a separate download - it is within the fmWorkMate toolbox above.

    See below for information about the required MBS Plugin.



    1. Download the zip file and unpack it.
    2. Follow the instructions in the README file (Ed: "drag the files to the recommended resting place")
    3. Discover what's new in the 'Changes' and 'About' files. (Note: They are not always up to date)
    4. Start the App


    • I DO at last have an apple developer certificate, so you should be able to open the app directly :-)
    • The recommended resting places are:
    • fmWorkMate => <<applications or program folder>>/MrW/fmWorkMate/*
    • fmCheckMate XSLT => <<your documents folder>>/fmCheckMate/*




    I guess I should include this - because software that doesn't tell you how to deinstall bugs me, and you are probably no different, so:
    To remove the software:
    1. Delete the files.
    2. Delete any folders you created to put them in.
    3. Delete the zip files you downloaded.
    4. And in the case of fmWorkMate, remove any preferences that it may have created:
      • On Mac:
        • Go to your Library folder
        • Delete any files that begin with 
          • de.mrwatson.runtime.fmWorkMate
          • de.mrwatson.runtime.fmCheckMate
      • On Windows:
        • Start the registery editor (regedit)
        • Remove the entries under:
            •  Software
              • MrWatson
                • runtime
                  • fmWorkMate
                  • fmCheckMate




    Related Downloads

    To get the best fmSyntaxColorizer experience you may wish to download the newest version of the MBS Plugin and install it in your Extensions folder.


    Note: The MBS Plugin is included in the fmWorkMate download, but, it is more than likely out-of-date since Christian Schmitz is a busy-bee and brings out new releases quicker than I can integrate them here.

    For customer-specific downloads please see the separate download page for customers.