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Installing / Updating fmCheckMate-XSLT

The fmCheckMate XSLT Library is simply a folder in your documents folder.

You just need to get a / the latest copy of the XSLT library and put it there.

A word of caution for advanced users UPDATING the XSLT-Library…

The fmCheckMate XSLT library has no complicated install process, which means

IF you plan on changing the XSLT functions,

or writing your own, you should create your own library

by renaming the fmCheckMate.YOUR_NAME_HERE folder

and putting your edited files there.

Like that you avoid overwriting your changes when you update the library!

For exampe, I've got my own "" library.

This works, because fmCheckMate looks in all folders that begin with fmCheckMate.

How to install fmCheckMate XSLT on a Mac

The fmCheckMate XSLT Library is part of the fmWorkMate Mac Bundle so, if you are a Mac-User please follow the instructions on the installing fmWorkMate page.

or - if you want the newest release -

The fmCheckMate XSLT Library is open source and available on GitHub

How to install fmCheckMate XSLT on Windows

1. Download the fmCheckMate-XSLT library from GitHub

2. Unpack the zip and move the fmCheckMate folder to your documents folder.

(Re)Loading the XSLT into fmCheckMate

The first time you use a transformation in fmCheckMate, the fmCheckMate-XSLT-Library will be automatically loaded.

If, however, you have updated the XSLT library, you will need to reload the library in fmCheckMate:

In fmWorkMate…

  1. Open fmCheckMate (CMD+2)
  2. Change to the Editor View (CMD+3)
  3. Click the [T] button (CMD+T)
  4. Click the [Reimport] button (CMD+8)
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